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National Venturing Youth Cabinet

National is planning to incorporate the National Venturing Youth Cabinet web site into  So for now, please enjoy the information that is available and look for the new material on


The Cabinet web site was first started in 2002.  The purpose was to provide news about what the cabinet members were doing.  Over the next few years, the maintenance decreased and by 2005, little new information was being added.  This changed under the Amy DiFrancesco, the 2005-06 National Venturing President.

I met Amy in February, 2005 at the Kodiak Course Directors Conference at Sea Base.  At that time, she was the Western Region Venturing President.  When she became the National Venturing President, she got permission from National to use me to resurrect the Cabinet web site.  During the rest of her term, Amy provided me with weekly updates.

Since that time, the site has been updated with information from Cabinet members and has become a valuable resource for the Venturing community.  I believe this will continue.

I plan to preserve the most visited parts of the web site.  Current content will be transferred to soon.  Of course, if you find something useful on this retiring site, please save information on your computer.

Yours in Venturing,
Craig Murray

P.S.  It is 2015 and the Regions have done a good job of picking up where the Cabinet site left off.  I've moved much of the useful information from this site like "Venturing Uniform," "Venturing Court of Honor Ceremonies" and other resources to the Venturing Notebook.  Much of the helpful information on is found in various places on that site so I have tried to put it in one place in the Venturing Notebook called "Keeping Informed."